by tulsafacts

by Linda Murphy
Time and again I have heard state leaders say Common Core is “State Led”, “our teachers are writing the standards” “we have control”. The mantra “state Led” has been repeated from Federal officials, the National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers and other organizations producing Common Core.
The fact is Common Core supporters have been sold a “bill of goods” for bait. The inspiring images that have been painted of more “rigorous” standards, “higher order thinking skills” and highly educated “career and college ready” students are a mirage luring state officials to stay the course as opposition from informed citizens intensifies.
Outside states’ control, Common Core is developing at a rapid pace. Supporters sold it as better standards giving states continuity. Instead, national standards were only the leading edge of an enormous train being constructed through Public-Private alliances. These builders have come together in the collective effort, a comprehensive takeover of education.
Big Government, Big Business and Education Progressives have prideful delusions that their creation will be the best ever. The builders “buy in” to get a part in the reform process. Some have tremendous financial investments like Bill Gates’ tab of over five billion dollars. Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education received a Gates grant and is a major Common Core supporter influencing state leaders and their policy. The PTA is on board, another Gates recipient. This is the tip of
the iceberg but you see how it works. Then there is the education industry including Pearson, making millions on tests and curriculum.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its multinational corporation members “bought in” to guarantee workers “edu-trained” to their specifications. Foundations on board include Carnegie, which funded the National Center for Education and the Economy. NCEE’s Director Marc Tucker and Hillary Clinton produced detailed plans to nationalize education to control and develop the nation’s “human resources” known to us as our children.
Five states refused to sign up for “Race to the Top”. The others competed in an ingenious but sinister twist of the usual “carrot and the stick” or money (bait) followed by compliance (control). The Federal Department of Education dangled millions while states were “required” to pass Common Core laws. Losers only got the stick.
Federal money was also used to entrap state education systems through grants given to the two national assessment consortia run by State School Chiefs –the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.
On April Fool’s day (surprise!) Education Week reported a major shift in the federal role in Common Core, “The U.S. Department of Education has created a technical-review process for the two state consortia that are designing assessments for the common standards. The technical review will focus on two aspects of the work the assessment consortia are doing: item design and validation.”
Federal control of the entire education system is no longer concealed. The tests drive what will be taught. Some state and local leaders with parents groups are working relentlessly to stop Common Core. Educators, scholars and researchers including: Heritage Foundation, Pioneer Institute, and the American Association of School Administrators have long provided evidence warning of Common Core’s negative consequences.
These results occur with Common Core implementation:
• Loss of state and local control removing accountability to citizens
• Drop superior state academic standards
• Adopt inferior untested national standards
• Collect extensive personal student data without parental consent
• Develop expensive new technology and data banks
• Disrupt statewide education systems for years while standards, assessments and curricula are implemented
• Subject students to extensive testing to establish data profiles
• Use new progressive curriculum emphasizing opinions, emotions, feelings, a global world view, social justice, experimental math, with job skills integrated into lowered academics
• Commit states to multi-million dollar additional expenses
• Measure/quantify each student, teacher and administrator’s compliance with Common Core
• Eliminate educators who don’t line up with “Common Core”
Americans have been distressed with the federal government’s growing control over banking, manufacturing and healthcare but most are unaware of the takeover of education. The proverbial “love of money”, power and pride blinded Governors and Chief State School Officers who
gave their consent to this system. They have led their states and our children like sheep to the slaughter into Common Core. It is time for every citizen to wake up and oppose this new insidious assault on freedom and the eminent danger imposed on our precious children.
Linda Murphy was the Republican candidate for Oklahoma State Superintendent of Schools in 1994 where she received 49.5% of the votes statewide. Linda was then appointed Secretary of Education by Republican Governor Frank Keating but denied confirmation by 12 (Democrat) members on the Senate Education Committee following an unprecedented 2-day hearing. She then served as Education Advisor in the Governor’s office and later as Deputy Commissioner of Labor for Workforce Education and Training.
Governor Keating also appointed Linda to the Governor’s School-to-Work Council and the Commission on the Status of Women. Linda is an educator, certified for 25 years by the Oklahoma Department of Education. She has worked in public and private education specializing in teaching children and adults with special learning needs. She served as the Central U.S. representative for the Optometric Extension Program Foundation of Santa Anna, California, and is a certified examiner for the SOI –Structure of the Intellect Learning Abilities Test.