Huge Utility Rate Increases Coming for Oklahoman’s

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SMART Grid and SMART Meter Information and Resources

Many of Oklahoma’s utilities are moving into the next generation of electric service through the addition of SMART Meter technology. SMART Meters allow customers to access information about their own usage in 15 minute intervals. This information will empower customers to choose small changes in usage that can result in big savings. SMART Meters also assist in statewide energy efficiency programs, as discussed in the Oklahoma First Energy Plan. Remote meter reading and connections services will also lower operating costs.

As we all know, Oklahoma weather can cause power outages. SMART meters will enable the utilities to identify and respond to power outages much more quickly, allowing faster restoration of service in many cases.

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Common Questions and Answers:

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on SMART Meters

Oklahoma Utilities’ SMART Grid Links:

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Positive Energy SMART Grid Homepage
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Customer Information Website
Public Service Company of Oklahoma SMART Meter Project
Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Customer Information Website
Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Presentation to the Commission on SMART Meters

SMART Grid Documents and Other Helpful Links:

Oklahoma Based Assessment – Prepared for OGE – RF Emissions Study
An Evaluation of Radio Frequency Fields Produced by Smart Meters Deployed in Vermont (presented: 01.14.13)
OGE SMART Study Together, Summer 2011 Final Results
Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s update to the Commission on November 21, 2011
Oklahoma Gas and Electric’s update to the Commission on November 21, 2011
California Public Utility Commission Advanced Metering Assessment Report
California Council on Science and Technology Health Impact Study of Radio Frequency and SMART Meters
Economist Technology Quarterly Radio Frequency Article
Electric Power Research Institute Perspective on Radio-Frequency Exposure
Independent review of advanced metering deployment in Texas
SilverSpring Whitepaper on Radio Frequency
EEI AEIC UTC white paper on Radio Frequency Exposure
Characterization of Radio Frequency Emission from Two Models of Wireless Smart Meters
AMI Meter Electomagnetic Field Survey
Public Service Company Radio Frequency Informational Video Huge rate increases coming to every ones utility bills care of the Sierra Club, EPA, smart meters and your corporation commission. How could we be so lucky? Learn about this at the Agenda21 Symposium April 5/6. Hosted by Tulsa912Project. For registration visit Cut off for registration is April 1st.