by tulsafacts

From Senator Anderson:

Today, Thursday, March 21, the Senate leadership finally assigned HB1412 to a committee. HB1412 is Representative Kern’s bill opposing Agenda 21. I am the Senate author.

House Bills only have three weeks to be heard – and today was the end of the first week. HB1412 has been assigned to the Energy Committee which only meets on Thursdays. There was no meeting of the Energy Committee in week 1. The Senate will not be in session on Thursday of next week due to Easter (that is week 2). Therefore, we only have one shot to get HB1412 heard – that will be Thursday, April 4th.

I hope that I am wrong, but I fear that the bill’s placement in this committee is an effort by Senate leadership to keep HB 1412 from being heard. Therefore, I need to ask that you contact all the people you can who support HB 1412 and ask them to take a moment to contact the Energy Committee Chairman’s office and respectfully request that he place HB 1412 on the committee agenda to be heard.

I would also urge everyone to contact their local Senator and urge them to co-author HB1412 and ask them to request a hearing for HB1412.

I hate to ask, but I believe it is important that those who support HB 1412 keep contacting the Energy Chairman’s office every day until he agrees to hear the bill. Contacting his office once will help, but contacting him multiple times will make a huge difference.

Thank you for your help. The Senate Energy Chairman’s name is Cliff Branan. He can be contacted at or you can call the Senate switchboard at (405) 524-0126.