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Month: February, 2013

OPPOSE SB 906: “The Plan to Steal Presidential Elections”

Please forward to everyone you know!

OPPOSE SB 906: “The Plan to Steal Presidential Elections”
The so-called National Popular Vote bill
Your Emails & phone calls are critical!

MESSAGE: Vote No on SB 906: The so-called National Popular Vote bill (a.k.a The plan to steal Presidential Elections). This will make smaller population states like Oklahoma meaningless in presidential elections.

Oklahoma’s Senate Committee on Rules recently APPROVED SB 906, the National Popular Vote legislation. The measure is now pending on the Senate floor. Please call your state senators TODAY. They need to hear from you. Tell them to vote NO on SB 906. Protect the Electoral College. It protects states such as Oklahoma.

Contact information for your Senators can be found here:

SB 906 would essentially eliminate the Founder’s constitutional protection of the Electoral College in the selection of the President. States that join the National Popular Vote Agreement (NPV) are forced to vote for the national popular vote winner, no matter what. As a participant in NPV, it would not matter who Oklahomans vote for. Oklahoma’s electors would be given to the person “designated” as the national winner. Worse, the “national popular vote winner” would not need to obtain a majority in order to win the White House. Any simple plurality will do, even if this number is as low as 15% or 30%. (Such low pluralities occur in the French direct election system!) Such a situation will change the focus of candidates to large states and urban areas. A state like Oklahoma will become meaningless in presidential elections.

SB 906 has support from members of both political parties in Oklahoma. This bill could become law. It is important to make your voice heard before it is too late.


National Popular Vote Is a Bad Idea, Phyllis Schlafly, 12-07-2011

Save Our States (pro-Electoral College group)

Bill information for SB 906


Okla. texting ban derailed in House committee

He’s making a fan of me!

“House Speaker T.W. Shannon said Thursday he’s among the opponents of the proposal because he’s concerned about how such a ban would be enforced and that distracted driving already is illegal in Oklahoma.”


Okla. texting ban derailed in House committee


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) â A proposal to ban texting while driving in Oklahoma has been derailed in a Republican-controlled House committee amid concerns it jeopardizes personal freedoms and would be difficult to enforce. McDaniel says the bill still could be brought to the floor for a vote and he…

Oklahoma House Committee Votes to Nullify Drone Spying

Oklahoma House Committee Votes to Nullify Drone Spying

report: http://bit.ly/XBbKbz

Race for City Council in Owasso

In case you haven’t heard, JB Alexander is in a tough race for city council in Owasso.  This is the last weekend before Election Day on March 5 and he could use some help.

I have known JB for a long time. He is the only candidate who is really conservative and believes in defending our rights as enumerated in both our state and federal constitution.

 He needs money, he’s about $2000 short to finish up.  Rumor has it that John Tidwell is running the other campaign and there’s a nasty ad coming out this weekend that is packed with lies and endorsements by those not thought favorably upon by the conservative movement.

 He could use volunteers to walk neighborhoods for him this Saturday.

 I know some of us have plans for the weekend but maybe you know of someone that might be able to help in some small (or large) way.  Pass the word, lets get JB some help!

 Contact JB at alexander4owasso@cox.net. 918-810-9149

 Thanks in advance for any help you can give him.


HB 1487 which would have made it illegal if it violated Constitution

FYI- Votes on bill of interest (We need to politely contact these Republicans if we disagree with their votes and spread the word about their vote.)

HB 1487 authored by Rep. Mike Ritze was killed this week in the House States Rights Committee after five Republicans voted against the bill. Representatives Dustin Roberts, Ken Walker, Tommy Hardin, Elise Hall and Dale DeWitt all voted against HB 1487 which would have made it illegal for state officials, Oklahoma military forces, or peace officers to aid the federal government in detaining Oklahomans when the detention violated the U.S. or state constitution.


The bill failed on a four to nine vote:


Dan Fisher  Lewis Moore  Jason Murphey  Sean Roberts

 NAYS: 9

Ed Cannaday Democrat

ed.cannaday@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7375

Elise Hall Republican

elise.hall@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7403

 Dustin Roberts Republican

dustin.roberts@okhouse.gov  (405) 557-7366

 Dale DeWitt Republican

daledewitt@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7332

 Tommy Hardin Republican

tommy.hardin@okhouse.gov  (405) 557-7383

 Mike Shelton Democrat

mikeshelton@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7367

 Kay Floyd Democrat

kay.floyd@okhouse.gov(405) 557-7396

 Kevin Matthews Democrat

kevin.matthews@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7406

 Ken Walker Republican

ken.walker@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7359

Oklahoma Action Alert! HB 1476 Biometric Exemption Bill in Committee this week!!
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target dl 1Kaye Beach

Feb 26, 2013

Biometrics means “measurement of the body.” Technology is used to measure behavioral or physical aspects of an individual and transform this personal data into digital code for the purpose of identification.

In Oklahoma, when we get a state driver’s license or identification card we are having our facial biometrics captured by the high resolution photos. High resolution digital cameras capture, map, digitize and database our facial features for the purpose of use by facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition technology enables at a distance identification and tracking through networked camera systems without our knowledge or consent. (Oklahoma also requires a finger scan.)

The standard for the digital image on our ID cards is the adopted international standard of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization and International Standards exist for one purpose: to enable the global exchange of information.

Americans are experiencing increasing demands by business and government to produce their ID as a condition for access. Our ability to buy, sell travel (and if Congress gets its way-soon work!) is becoming contingent upon this biometric ID.

In truth, we are being enrolled into a global system of identification and control that links our bodies to our ability to buy sell and travel. And it is being done through deception, coercion and stealth.

HB1476 by Rep. Jon Echols will be heard this Thursday in the Government Modernization Committee at 10:30 AM

HB 1476 will permit a religious exemption for those who object to being enrolled into a biometric identification system.

This is, in my mind, the most important bill offered this session.

HB 1476 says that

“Any applicant who has signed the exemption shall be exempt from supplying biometric data to the Dept. of Public Safety.”


“The Department of Public Safety shall cease collecting, retaining or disclosing biometric data and from making biometric comparisons of an applicant who has signed the exemption.”

This exemption means that those with a religious objection to biometric identification and enrollment could get a NON-biometric driver’s license or ID card AND that any biometric data previously collected from you would be deleted from the system.

HB 1476 reads in part;

Beginning November 1, 2013, the Department of Public Safety shall modify the application for the issuance of a Class D driver license or an identification card to contain a statement of exemption. The statement of exemption shall contain the following language:


“Because of my religious beliefs, I object to enrollment in an international biometric identification system including, but not limited to, facial recognition and digital fingerprinting that directly connects my body to identification and personal biometric information sharing.”

E. Any applicant who has signed the exemption shall be exempt from supplying biometric data to the Department of Public Safety.

. . .

G. The Department of Public Safety shall cease collecting, retaining or disclosing biometric data, biometric samples or biometric templates from and making biometric comparisons of an applicant who has signed the exemption.

Please contact the members of the Government Modernization Committee before this Thursday and ask that they support HB 1476 which will permit people of faith in Oklahoma to avoid being mandatorily enrolled in a system of identification and control that violates their sincerely held religious convictions.

Members of the Government Modernization Committee

Chair Rep. Murphey, Jason

Vice Chair Rep. Turner, Mike

Rep. David Brumbaugh

Rep. David Derby

Rep. Joe Dorman

Rep. Elise Hall

Rep. Richard Morrissette

Rep. Dan Fisher

Rep. Seneca Scott

Rep. Jason Smalley

Rep. Ken Walker

Rep. Justin F. Wood

Email block (use bcc)

jason.murphey@okhouse.gov, mike.turner@okhouse.gov, david.brumbaugh@okhouse.gov, david.derby@okhouse.gov, joedorman@okhouse.gov, dan.fisher@okhouse.gov, elise.hall@okhouse.gov, richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov, seneca.scott@okhouse.gov, jason.smalley@okhouse.gov, ken.walker@okhouse.gov, justin.wood@okhouse.gov

Being a Christian Online

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. ~John 14:12

by Toni Birdsong
We are God’s beloved. We are heaven’s people; the blood-bought, Calvary claimed sons and daughters of the Most High King. We are the rescued ones empowered by the Holy Spirit to cover even greater earthly ground for the gospel than Christ himself.

But do we really get what that means? Better yet: Do believe it? If so, we should log online each day with the untamable expectation that through our words, ideas, and interactions, Jesus Christ will be seen. When we truly believe and live out Jesus’ words in John 14:12, then The Great Commission stops being an ideal and becomes a personal, burning, reachable charge.

5 questions to consider before you log on today:

What’s my plan and purpose for being online? Are you wandering around aimlessly, casually posting minus a biblical filter? Are you chatting on and on without a point? Stop. Be quiet. Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint you with a purpose and lead you in a plan for your online time.
Am I majoring in the minors? Do you spark conflict, whine, complain, judge, make sarcastic comments, post random nothings, or criticize others? If so, you you’ve lost sight The Great Commission and the amazing opportunity to share the gospel in the online space. Log off. Get into the word. Ask God to anoint your thoughts, eyes, and words.
Would Jesus approve of how I spend my online time? Not every click needs to be about sharing your faith, however, every click does need to align with the teachings of Christ. Please—be interesting, funny, creative, diverse, and opinionated—just don’t allow the “you” to clash with holiness and majesty of your King. Yes, the temptation is great so ask God for help.
Am I influencing culture or is culture influencing me? Are you fixed in your purpose and standing your ground or are you easily (or subtly) swayed by the cultural banter, music, opinions, news stories, and assortment of morals swirling around you? If you’re confused about the biblical view of a controversial issue or idea—or if you are emotionally charged—don’t post! Log off. Breathe. Search the scriptures. Pray.
Does my digital footprint point others toward heaven? If you added up your posts, comments, photos, profiles, tweets and “likes,” would they point others toward heaven or confuse them about who Jesus is and why He came?

Remember, you can’t make a difference in this world unless you are different. Your Sunday worship doesn’t need to end abruptly when you show up in the world on Monday. Don’t hoard the Love that saved your life. Be brave. Stand apart. Be the light in the darkness so that others will be able to recognize and encounter the person of Jesus Christ.

Do you struggle with any of the above questions? Can you add a question/s to our list?

Don’t hoard the Love that saved your life. Be brave. Stand apart. Be a light in the darkness. #LiveSticky

Don’t stop here! Learn how to lead, influence, engage, and share your faith on social networks—like Jesus. Purchase @stickyJesus: how to live out your faith online, today! Check out the buzz on @stickyJesus, here!

Oklahoma Unmanned Surveillance Act Passes Committee 23-4!
by AxXiom

Thank you Grassroots! Your voice counts!!
Read more of this post

Urban Tulsa article criticizing Agenda 21

Urban Tulsa article criticizing Agenda 21 and our efforts to overturn the Water of 2060 Act




The youtube link below is of Bill Bryant, president of the UN Association of Greater Oklahoma City and a supporter of UN Agenda 21. He is the author of the letter below to all of the members of the States Rights Committee that is to hear our anti-UNA21/SD bill on Tuesday. Bill Bryant will be there and will want to make a public statement at the end. We will have opportunity to also make 5 minute public statements. I urge all of you to be there for the hearing. Hopefully you will have a fire in your belly to be at the hearing tomorrow at 3:00 PM in the 5th floor meeting room to participate in the fireworks.

It has also been learned that Bill Bryant is the Work Force director for ACOG (Association of Central Oklahoma Governments) and would be directly affected by HB1412 becoming law.

In his letter below I have highlighted in red his stated concerns with HB 1412. I think he is throwing everything he can think of against the wall to see what will stick. He has a vested interest is having the bill fail. He does not care about the impact of UNA21/SD on Oklahoma or its citizens.

I hope you will put everything else aside and join us at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 3:00PM in the 5th floor hearing room.

Robert Semands
GEL Spokesperson
Govern Edmond Locally
Think Act Govern Locally


Dear Rep. :

House Bill 1412 — the proposed Anti-UN law by Rep. Kern — is scheduled to be heard in the States’ Rights Committee on Tuesday. I hope you will vote “No” on this measure.

I want to make three points that I hope you will agree with.

(1)  The United Nations was built upon the foundation of national sovereignty and the rule of law. So, I want to applaud you and Chairman Moore for the transparency and accountability and respect for the law that is apparent in the operation of your committee.

(2)  The United Nations is a supporter of private property rights — and has been since 1948, with the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The position of the United Nations is completely congruent with the Oklahoma Constitution, which also defends against the loss of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” That’s from our state Constitution:

“No person shall be deprived
of life, liberty, or property,
without due process of law.”

(Oklahoma Constitution, Section II-7)

(3) The United Nations is also a strong supporter of intellectual freedom — that is, the right of people to “…receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” That’s from Article 19 of the Universal Declaration.

HB 1412 would apply to cities, counties, state universities, and public libraries in our state, and it would put in place a legal restriction on these political subdivisions. It would prohibit them from purchasing books, journals, articles, data sets, and so on from the United Nations or from any non-governmental organization that is accredited by the United Nations. (It would also prohibit the purchase of other things — but, the fact is, the UN is a provider of knowledge resources, not office supplies).

Now, you may want to know what effect such a prohibition would have on Oklahoma citizens. We have compiled extensive testimony from Oklahoma citizens who use the knowledge resources of the United Nations in their daily lives. Please see our blog …


… where you can find comments from university students, researchers, scientists, and business people. These are people who are focused on real problems like drought mitigation, health promotion, pest management, disease control, and so on. These are the topics of “Agenda 21.”

I hope you have reviewed our information about the thousands of volumes of books and articles that have been compiled in Oklahoma’s universities and libraries.

In the library catalog at Oklahoma State University’s Edmon Low Library, there are over 4,000 books and articles related to the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

A search of the online catalog of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries yields 1,275 entries related to the UN’s World Health Organization.

An author search of the University of Oklahoma’s online library catalog shows nearly 700 books and articles by the World Meteorological Organization.

Here is my summary:

House Bill 1412 is not needed. The United Nations does not pose a threat to the people of Oklahoma. There are protections in existing law that are more than adequate to address the concerns of HB 1412.

More than that, the prohibitions included in this proposed law would be harmful to the health, safety, and future progress of our state.

If you have any questions about the United Nations with regard to property rights, the rule of law, “Agenda 21,” or any other topic, please feel free to contact me via phone or email.

You should have the confidence that a “No” vote on HB 1412 will help to keep Oklahoma strong and free.

Please vote No on HB 1412.

Thank you.

Bill Bryant
President, Oklahoma City Chapter
United Nations Association of the USA